Releasing the adventurous spirit and feeling as if you are floating in the air is the objective of this activity. Canopy is a favorite activity for children and adults who want to fly through the sky and feel free suspended in the air, moving from one side to another through a steel cable. The starting point is only 10 minutes from town. The circuit consists of 6 zip lines of different distances, heights and speeds, making a total of 700 meters. These surround and traverse a picturesque landscape in the middle of a forest of native trees such as Coihues, cypresses, ancient Mañíos, among other native species. Feel free with this adventure!!!

Terms & Conditions

If in case you book and by that date we do not have the minimum number of people required for that section, we will contact you to inform you which of our sections is available and we will refund the difference if necessary. Because you are reserving space for which we have a limited capacity, it is not refundable or transferable with less than 48 of the activity. With more than 48 hours, 35% of the total will be retained. IN CASE OF COVID-19 If any of the passengers have symptoms less than 48 hours before the excursion begins, 50% of the total will be returned. With more than 48 hours in advance, 100% of the total will be returned. Both cases with prior presentation of the health certificate indicating the detection of Covid-19 virus. Patagonia Elements reserves the right to cancel or modify a trip due to river level conditions, insufficient reservations or other circumstances beyond our control. In such cases, we may give you another option to replace with another similar activity or another available section of the river. There is no refund for bad weather conditions that prevent us from making the trip. Although we do our best to ensure a safe trip, outdoor excursions are not without risks. Nature and rugged terrain are part of the recreation that Patagonia Elements offers. Due to the risk inherent in the wild adventure, you must be able to participate, have the required physical conditions, and will be asked to sign a Risk Acceptance form before departure. Parents / guardians are required to sign for those under 18 years of age. Patagonia Elements is equipped to handle first aid emergencies in case of illness or accident. The price of each excursion includes an accident insurance for each passenger. Patagonia Elements reserves the right to photograph or film any activity. Please indicate any illness problem before starting the activity.

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